Cresson Sanatorium & Prison 251 Correction Rd, Cresson, PA

Geigerlands is a Fallout-themed airsoft event. Come build your character and roam the wastelands with the other survivors from the Great War. Events take place in the upper prison's fenced in 34 acres and 20 buildings. These buildings are in abandoned condition, and at this time all attendees must be ages 18+ unless specifically noted.

$40 – $110

Roadwar Northwest 2022

South Sound Hotrods 10009 234th Ave E, Bonney Lake, WA

Mad Max Cars, South Sound Hotrods, and the International Movie & TV Vehicle Owners Association welcome you to the 16th Annual "Star Car Concurs Classic / Roadwar NW." Onsite will be an impressive display of Movie & TV Star Cars. You will be able to meet the MMC & SSHR staff in person and view […]


Joplin Wasteland D-Day – The Price of a Cap

D-Day Adventure Park 66800 E 175 Rd, Wyandotte, OK

Joplin Wasteland is proud to present our next event, The Price of a Cap. What is a cap worth? In the last game we saw the influence “caps” had on people and the price many had to pay to the factions. Caps seem to have turned into the currency of the Lost Lands. Some would […]


FALLEN Bad Land LARP 2022

Lost Ideas Alte Heerstraße, Mahlwinkel

Fallen - Bad Land is built on a sandbox principle. It is a post-apocalyptic city, everyday, crisis, economic and survival simulation. Our focus is on tough survival, trading and social games. The background describes a frame of the world in which you bring your character. We want to give you a feeling for the current […]

P.R.I.M. II LARP – Reignition 2022

Lost Ideas Alte Heerstraße, Mahlwinkel

Description: P.R.I.M. is a 24-hour post-apocalyptic, sci-fi LARP. The campaign is set in a dystopian world where the last humans are forming to resist the invading aliens. A dark and dangerous future is drawn with dystopian and post-apocalyptic style elements. Sci-Fi elements with working electronics, communication and computers bring new, exciting game approaches and allow new […]

The Age of Rust and Fire III

Tehama District Fairgrounds 650 Antelope Blvd, Red Bluff, CA

This event has been postponed due to the fires in northern California. Keep checking back for the next date, likely early next year. The Age of Rust and Fire is the area's first indoor/outdoor post-apocalyptic dark fantasy festival, to include dystopia-themed groups/entertainment/villages/merchants/cars/costumes. Brought to you by Golden Goblin Productions. "Because Man is a very small […]


Dystopia Rising Necrophage: The Storm Wall (Online)


There's a storm brewing -- one that threatens our way of life and brings with it all the horrors of the deep. The Stormies go out in force to rescue ships at sea. The Griswold family recruits others to their ranks, and horrible experiments twist and howl in the dark. Will you discover the monsters […]

2022 Zombie Survival Challenge

TC Paintball North 8257 N 1 Rd, Copemish, MI

Small groups of survivors made it through the first wave of zombies by gathering enough to get through winter. When spring thawed everything out, this included all the undead. You and the other survivors took down far too many to count, hoping to make it safer in this region. But somehow they’re back; faster, scarier, […]