Wild Weird West

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Wild Weird West

The Wild Weird West is a Airsoft game based in the American wild west…with a twist.
mixing wild west, steampunk, Sci-Fi and horror for a unique setting.
Admission fee:
Free Camping
Schedule :
Friday Oct 22
2:00pm early camping open
Saturday Oct 23
9:00am-10:30am check in, registration and chrono
10:31-11:00am Player debrief
11:01am Game Start
2:00pm – 3:00 Lunch
3:01 Game Restart
6:00pm Game End
Wild West and pre 1901 guy’s encuraged
Early 1900’s gun allowed with appoval by event organizers.
Any revolver is allowed
Any non aeg shotgun is allowed
Bolt action rifles are allowed
Outfits must be wild west, steampunk period clothing.
Players may bring their own Medwrap (remember… this will become lootable and you may not get it back at the end of the game.)
Basic Rules:
When hit the player is “wounded” or “Critically wounded” if they can’t call “armor”, a player must yell as loudly and clearly as possibly “HIT” – To visually signify a hit the player’s weapon and/or hands must be raised over their head.
Must call out “HIT” for all hits
***Players should not put themselves in a position in which headshots are necessary or encouraged. All players are encouraged to aim at center mass (center of the chest/back) If a Head shot occurs it should be treated as a “critical wound” Any player that is caught intentionally taking head shots will be ejected from the game and told to leave the grounds****
A hit to any Limb “wounded”
Player may keep moving and shooting after taking a limb hit, but the wounded limb becomes unusable until the player applies a med wrap
Players can take up to 2 limb hits.
Any additional limb hits takes the player into “critical wound “status.
Players can visit a doctor to have medwraps healed and removed .
-Hit to Torso/back: “critical wound”
Take a knee or lay down. Player may call medic. If no doctor heals them after 2 minutes the player has bled out and player pulls dead rag and returns to spawn.
If player bleeds out :
Before heading to re-spawn and if the conditions are safe, the player may approach the enemy if not already approached by enemy to be looted.
FPS Engagement limits:
1 -375 FPS – no engagement.
376 – 399 FPS – 50 foot engagement
400 – 500 FPS – 100 foot engagement limit (Bolt Action Only).
501 FPS+ – Prohibited
Merchants have the goods you want and they want your gold and coin They also may have work to earn extra coin or ammo.
NPC’s (non-player characters)
In the waste, unique characters, wandering merchants, bandits, void creatures that may roam around and have no allegiance to anyone. They carry their own items and are free to fight whomever they choose. They are under the control of the staff and are field marshals as well.
The following infractions will result in immediate removal from field property and a permanent ban from field property. Law enforcement will be used if required to remove problematic players.
– Theft of field or company property.
– Vandalism or destruction of property.
– Assault of participants, visitors, or staff.
– Repeated removal of eye protection.
– Unsportsmanlike like conduct
What to Bring:
– Full-Seal Eye Protection (ANSI 87.1 rating).(required)
– Airsoft Replica, Sidearm
– Red ‘Kill’ Rag (Required).
– Barrel Bag or Muzzle Plug (Required for airsoft replica))
– Foam melee weapon*(optional)
– Medwrap – 3inx3ft white cloth bandage, (optional)
(Medwrap’s wil) also be available in game from merchant or doctor in limited amout)
– Drinks, snacks.
– Live firearms (real steel) are not permitted on the property.
– Not responsible for items or belongings that are lost, stolen, or damaged.
All replicas will be issued ‘chronograph’ tags after being registered. These tags must remain on the replica for the entire event.
October 23 2021


Date: October 23, 2021
Time: 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
Cost: $25
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5980 N Hillman Rd
Six Lakes, MI 48886 United States

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