Milsim 40k – Autumn Reign

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Milsim 40k – Autumn Reign

MilSim 40k : Autumn Reign
Imperial Guard vs Traitor Guard
MilSim 40k is a airsoft milsim event themed around the game Warhammer 40,000
Entry Fee:
$30.00 – 2 day pass
$20.00 – 1 day pass
2 day pass Pre Registration available via Paypal
Friday Oct 1st :
1:00pm- early camping, player party
Saturday Oct 2nd :
9:00am-10:30am- check in, Registration and Chrono
10:30-11:00am- Player debrief
11:00am- Game Start
2:00pm_3:00pm- Lunch Break
3:01pm- Game Restart
6:00pm- Game End
Sunday Oct 3rd :
10:30-11:00am- Player debrief
11:00am- Game Start
4:00pm- Game End
Free weekend Camping
Imperial Guard- blue team
Imperial guard uniforms must be matching Green or Tan tops and bottoms. Any green or tan base uniform color/camo scheme is allowed as long as they match.
Gear color doesn’t matter.
Any imperial guard cosplay..(Catachan jungle fighters, Praetorian Guard, Death korps of Krieg, etc…)
Commissars must wear a all black uniform, Black trench coat and a black admiral style hat.
Imperial Commander – 1
Commissar – 1 per 20 imperial guard players
Green Guard- 5-10 per squad
Tan Guard- 5-10 per squad
Chaos – red team
Traitor Guard and Chaos Cultist
Traitor Guard uniforms must be mixed tops and bottoms of any color/camo or style, or all black top and bottoms.
Gear color doesn’t matter.
Traitor Commissar can wear any mixed color uniform, trench coat and admiral type hat.
Chaos Cultist – civilian clothes or hooded robe of any color or other crazy chaos themed outfit, gear color doesn’t matter.
Traitor Commander-1
Traitor Commissar- 1 per 20 chaos players
Mix uniform traitors- 5-10 per squad
All Black uniform traitors 5-10 per squad
Chaos Cultist- mobs of 5 or more
Weapons class Fps and joule limits:
Assault rifles, No MED. All assault rifles (no matter how they are powered) must not be over 370 fps 1.6 joules and semi-auto only.
Support weapons have a10′ M.E.D. and must be based on real support weapons. unless approved by event organizer.
DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle): 375-399 fps and 1.86 joules max with 75ft MED. semi-auto only. Must carry secondary weapon capable of lesser class fps.
Sniper Rifle (bolt action): 400-500 fps Max 2.8 joules, 100′ MED. Must carry secondary weapon capable of lesser class joule rating.
Grenades: Thunder B’s, pea grenades, Eg67,Taggin, Tornado grenades, or any other types that spray BBs have a 20ft kill radius.
players behind Hard cover are not effected by grenades .
Building walls and shields count as hard cover.
Medics (when applicable):
One Medic per Squad
All players must carry 2 ace bandages 3ft long. Only medics can heal players. Medic must wrap bandages completely, and bandages must be secure.
Bleed-out time is 2 minutes,
Player’s must lay down where hit, and may not stand up! When bleeding out, player can only yell for a medic.
If you are hit, announce your hit and place kill rag on your head. Players are to follow game protocol. Only call your own hits!
“Dead Men Don’t Talk!”—Anyone caught talking when dead will automatically kill any live players that player is spotted talking to.
CQB engagement: “Bang” kills for shots less than 10ft should be offered for safety; maximum 3 players in 30-sec span.
FOB and Respawn: Players will respawn on the 15s of every hour of the game. If team’s FOB is under attack, players cannot respawn. Players will respawn when either attack is averted or FOB is taken over and looted. FOB can be taken over and any medical supplies or explosive devices can be looted. Invading team must clear out FOB to get supplies and explosives.
Staff will chronograph all weapons entering the event. Staff will supply BBs to be used at the chronograph. Staff will perform a safety inspection of basic player kit, including goggles, water, and red rag.
Maximum weight for BBs used in AEGs, pistols, shotguns or DMRs is .32gram
Maximum weight for BBs used in Bolt action snipers is .45 gram
Game Stratagems
Prior to the game each commander will roll a dice for stratagem. They start by rolling a D6 to find how many stratagems rolls they will get.
D6 roll:
1-2: one roll
3-4: two rolls
5-6: three rolls
Next they will roll the D6 for stratagems.
D6 roll :
1 – No Statigem
2 – Delay enemy squad : At the start of the game one enemy squad can be chosen to be delayed for 15 minutes before entering the game.
3 – Veteran Squad : One squad can be designated as veterans. Veterans can be med wrapped twice before having to respawm. Members of Veteran squads must be marked with tape for identification.
4 – Infiltrators: one squad can be designated as infiltrators and can enter and set up in the game area prior to the start of the game.
5 – Deep Strike : During the game one squad can deep strike anywhere on the game area but at least 20 feet from any enemy
The squad will be escorted or transported by game marshal to the chosen area.
6 – Planetary Bombardment : Commander can choose a section on the feild grid map to bomb. All players, friendly and enemy within the map grid are killed and cannot be revived and must head to respawn.
Field marshals will inform all players in grid of bombardment.
Minimum age is 10. All players must sign a waiver and anyone under 18 must have that waiver also signed by a parent/ guardian. All players must check in at registration and receive a player’s badge or wristband before they can participate. Non-player personnel must also sign waivers.
Eye protection must be full seal ANSI 87.1 rated.
Players under 18 must wear goggles and wire mesh lowers or full facemask.
No wire mesh goggles allowed.
Goggles should never be removed during game play areas.
If your goggles become fogged, ask for a referee help or leave game area and the field to clear fog
Weaponry must be made safe by removing the magazine and clearing the hop-up before coming off field. Barrel covers must be used in safe zone. No dry firing in safe zone; chronograph area is available for testing weaponry.
Respect of property, equipment, and other players and field is required.
Any conduct done with malicious intent will result in the offender being banned from event and the authorities will be called.
Homemade fireworks and pyrotechnics are not allowed.
Commercially produced cold smoke grenades, pea grenades and similar items are allowed.
Radio eavesdropping is not allowed unless permitted in the scenario by the EO.
Metal or glass ammunition is not permitted. Bio preferred but not required.
Real weapons, including firearms and large fixed blade knives, cannot be permitted on the property.
No overshooting or blind firing. Always look down the barrel before and while shooting.
No running into or through buildings.
No climbing, changing, or moving of trees, or any structures. Do not stick head out or climb through windows.
Players should wear adequate clothing, including personal protection.
No verbal abuse, profanity, name calling, or slurs of any kind. No physical contact allowed.
Please do not shoot any animals or game personnel.
AEG – Automatic Electric Gun
DMR – Designated Marksman Rifle
EO – Event Organizer
FPS – Feet per Second
RPS – Rounds per second
MED – Minimum Engagement Distance
FOB – Forward operating base
Every player is responsible for knowing the rules and for teaching them to
any new person they bring to an event
October 01 2021


Start: October 1, 2021 @ 1:00 pm
End: October 3, 2021 @ 4:00 pm
Cost: $20
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5980 N Hillman Rd
Six Lakes, MI 48886 United States

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