Post-apocalyptic Costume Makers

Craft_Collabo Poland-based couple Kaja & Johnny create amazing post-apocalyptic costumes, bags & armor with lots of Japanese & cyberpunk influences. The Hand of Garkhan Los Angeles-based Alonso Garzon is a hand-stitching machine, turning out pieces with orderly laid-out leather panels, military hardware & straps, and found items. Evan Ohl Los Angeles-based Evan Ohl is a [...]

Before Wasteland Weekend

How did Wasteland Weekend start? What led up to its inception? How did they come up with it?

Post-Apocalyptic Costuming 101

Post-Apocalyptic Costuming 101

Don’t know the first thing about post-apocalyptic costuming? This no-nonsense post is for you and anyone else who is looking for ideas and inspiration. And don’t forget, you can also purchase accessories and costumes from vendors at many events. Find that perfect finishing touch for your costume, or get yourself a whole other outfit. You’ll […]

Wasteland Weekend 3Teeth

Everything You Need to Know About 3Teeth at Wasteland Weekend

Here’s 3Teeth’s new music video for Altaer – shot almost entirely at Wasteland Weekend 2019! It includes lots of live concert shots during this stop on the Metawar album tour. According to Metal Hammer, frontman Alexis Mincolla had this to say about the world’s largest post-apocalyptic festival: The vibe was immersive to say the least, […]

10 Things New Post-Apocalyptic Event Organizers Should Know

1. Be patient. You’re creative & you have a million epic ideas on what to offer at your event. But big ambitions can lead to big disappointment. Manage your own expectations and stay focused on the long term. You may not have the resources to pull off a lot of your ideas the 1st, 2nd […]