Fall of Two Cities – Dystopia Rising @ Online Event
Oct 22 @ 11:00 am – Oct 25 @ 11:00 am
Fall of Two Cities - Dystopia Rising @ Online Event

Get ready for a whole new experience in the Dystopia Rising Universe: A Fall of Two Cities.

Instead of playing your usual post-apocalyptic badass, you’ll instead play one of their ancestors during a period of time in Dystopia Rising’s history know as “The Fall.” These third generation survivors won’t yet be Lineages or Strains, but will still be clinging to their humanity.

This event will take place primarily over two days with a soft roleplay and technology support the day before and post even support the Sunday the day after. We have put together an amazing team of event designers and story runners who will be telling stories that take place in New York City and Los Angeles. The goal is to provide two areas for players who happen to either be on the east coast time zone or west coast time zone.

Have friends on the west coast and happen to be on the east coast, or vice versa? Don’t worry. You’ll have connection between the two areas so that you can roleplay and engage all day with your friends. Instead, your 90 minute pre-registered modules and your drop in modules will be linked to what time of day best works best for you.