Haven-Outpost 2020 @ Newark Showground
Apr 16 – Apr 18 all-day

The Great Ending

Some say it all started over a loaf of bread. Whether the scandal over the toxic pesticide or
simply climate change itself, grain values quadruple overnight. Bread suddenly was priced out of reach of most people. Of course the rich weren’t bothered. It didn’t really affect them that food had become scarce overnight. Money devalued and people were afraid.

People suffered. As the chemicals scandal grew and climate worsened more and more foods
were suddenly unavailable. Medicines too. People started to get hungry and sick. Famine and
Pestilence were the first two riders to show their faces. Desperation led to demonstration.

Demonstration to riot. Riot to “police actions”. Governments felt compelled to pressure neighbours. War rattled his ever sharp sabre.

No one knows who fired the first shots. All we know is The Ending had arrived and Death talked the Earth.



The Pit 2021
Jul 1 @ 1:00 pm – Jul 14 @ 4:00 pm
The Pit 2021 @ Kiev | Ukraine

The Pit will happen. We are looking at our options.

Пит будет. Мы ищем варианты.