2020 Indy Mad Max Run – Halloween
Oct 31 @ 9:00 am
2020 Indy Mad Max Run - Halloween
Here is the OFFICIAL Indy Mad Max Run Halloween edition. We are ready to get out with our horde of marauders on the open roads of Indy dressed in our very best battle rattle with our finest weapons on our dystopian holiday.
Yes, dress in any Halloween/Apocalyptic creation that can be safely worn within the group. Please join us for all the shock and awe!
All apocalyptic vehicles are welcome(motorcycles will ALWAYS be in front at all times for safety).
*MANDATORY: Masks and Apocalyptic gear are mandatory at ALL times. Masks are to worn at ALL times with the exception of smoking, eating or drinking. We will adhere to the state guidelines to have this event progress. So please be prepared to wear the masks during the event at ALL times.
*The event is FREE and ride at your own risk.
*The event is rain or shine. Dress warmly please!