Fallout: Operation Blue Dog @ Cowtown Keeylocko
Mar 6 @ 12:00 pm – Mar 8 @ 12:00 pm
Fallout: Operation Blue Dog @ Cowtown Keeylocko | Tucson | Arizona | United States

Shake the dust off them Pipboys, survivors – the vault doors are open and it is time to venture out into the surface world. Come join the End of Days madness as we host our first Fallout focused event!

This event is a FREE event. Well, nothing is free…like a vile chems dealer we are doing this to get you hooked before we sink our claws into you. 🙂 But seriously, we are hosting this event for free and ask that you bring $10 or $20 as a donation that will go towards the on going efforts to revitalize the historic Cowtown Keylocko. https://www.facebook.com/Cowtown-Keeylocko-346159755463667/

We will be releasing more info over the next few weeks, but this camping event will take place in the amazing scenery of the Blue Dog Saloon. All of your Fallout fantasies will come to life.

Things of note that makes this different than normal EoD events…ALL thing Fallout are welcome and encouraged…powerarmor, vault suits, raider attire, pet deathclaws, any flavor of ghoul.

NorCal Wastelanders 4th Annual Camp Out 2020 @ Private Residence
Mar 13 @ 12:00 pm – Mar 15 @ 2:00 pm
NorCal Wastelanders 4th Annual Camp Out 2020 @ Private Residence | San Jose | California | United States

SAVE THE DATE! The fabulous Karen Hunsaker is opening up her wonderful space to Wastelanders for a weekend campout!

* Field Test your setup: This event the perfect place to set up your camp to test out new set-ups, take photographs, and work the kinks out (or in!) of your camps.

* Theme Zone! – Bringing your themed camp? Let us know and you’ll get PRIME placement (the other camping spots are pretty nice too).

* Workshops/Skill Shares: Wanna share you mad skillz with other wastelanders, bring it and announce it in the discussion thread.

* Bartertown: A special area is set aside for barter, bring your own table, or blanket to put your items on.

* Car Show: A few choice vehicles live at the Garage, and there’s always room for more, so bring your vehicle if you got it. A ride may happen if there is enough interest.

* Dirt Bike Track: There is a dirtbike area with hills and jumps available to you. THERE IS A DIRT BIKE TRACK PEEPS!

* Quests & Bounty Hunting, and anything else you want to do. Looks like there will be at least 30-40 people confirmed (probably more), so it’s a perfect time to test your quests, or hone your bounty hunting skills. Feel free to announce your hunts and quests to get people pumped.

* Potluck Saturday Night: Sit down, break bread and share a meal with your fellow wastelanders.


> Bring everything you need for the weekend (same rules as WW). This is a pack in, pack it out event.

> We are asking everyone to make a $10 donation toward the portos. Please give your money to Miranda, Coli, or Cheryl.

> Kids over the age of 12 are welcome.

> If numbers of campers gets too large, we may need to cap the attendance.

This event is FREE. And kids over the age of 12 are welcome.

Weather: It gets hot in the afternoon, so be sure to bring lots of cold beverages, you shade structure, chair and lightweight clothing. Night time is amazing.

Fire: Due to the fire danger, fires are not allowed. There is a designated cooking area with table for your camp stove, and there is a propane BBQ you can use to cook your meat on. (Just clean the grill with the brush after you’re done).

There is a designated smoking area.

HOW TO GET HERE: Address will be sent to those who RSVP as “Going”. Please note that Waze and Google maps will try to take you down Penny Lane (do not listen to them, it is a rouse!!). Take Crystal Lane off Byron Highway and nothing else.

> Want to guarantee that you get in? Volunteer! We need help: If you are able to come out to a work day to help get the space ready, or are able to help out at the event itself, please PM Nomad/Miranda

> Please note: This event is not affiliated with Wasteland Weekend or Wasteland World. It’s just a bunch of friends getting together.

*** Attending the Camping event or Car Show is at your own risk; You knowingly and willingly do so at your own risk. ***

2020 Indy Mad Max Run – Halloween
Oct 31 @ 9:00 am
2020 Indy Mad Max Run - Halloween
Here is the OFFICIAL Indy Mad Max Run Halloween edition. We are ready to get out with our horde of marauders on the open roads of Indy dressed in our very best battle rattle with our finest weapons on our dystopian holiday.
Yes, dress in any Halloween/Apocalyptic creation that can be safely worn within the group. Please join us for all the shock and awe!
All apocalyptic vehicles are welcome(motorcycles will ALWAYS be in front at all times for safety).
*MANDATORY: Masks and Apocalyptic gear are mandatory at ALL times. Masks are to worn at ALL times with the exception of smoking, eating or drinking. We will adhere to the state guidelines to have this event progress. So please be prepared to wear the masks during the event at ALL times.
*The event is FREE and ride at your own risk.
*The event is rain or shine. Dress warmly please!